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Berdasarkan bible digital yang disediakan oleh sabda web, ada disenaraikan setiap buku beserta penulisnya. Sekiranya anda melihatnya, maka anda akan mendapati bahawa ada penulis-penulis buku yang tidak diketahui. Contohnya : (Hakim),(Rut),(1 Samuel),(2 Samuel),(1 Raja),(2 Raja) dan lain2.

Berdasarkan kepada perincian yang dibuat oleh New International Version Edisi ke 10:
i) Penulis kitab pertama Kitab Perjanjian Lama ialah Musa.
ii) 51.3 % pengarang kitab Bible tidak dikenali identiti mereka
iii) 30.8 % agak pasti siapa penulisnya

Walaupun telah terang dan jelas penganut kristian tidak mengenali sebahagian besar penulis buku-buku dalam Bible, namun mereka tetap meyakini bahawa ianya adalah sebuah kitab suci. Cuba bayangkan sebuah buku yang anda temui di mana-mana dan tidak diketahui siapa penulisnya, adakah anda percaya isi kandungannya, apatah lagi dakwaan bahawa ianya datang dari Allah? Tentulah tidak.

Renung2 fikir2....

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Anonymous said...

PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING -- If you know anyone who has not already accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, please let them know about this warning! Recently I received more confirmation on the imminent coming of Christ. I will be glad to share this latest information with anyone who wants it. His coming could be at any moment or a little while yet, no one can know the exact time. I am nobody special and am just offering what I believe with all my heart to be true. I am neither a religious nut nor someone who has “lost it”, my mind that is. This is a deadly serious situation and those who ignore it may not have the future they desire.

I may risk offending you with this, and I hope that you don’t need this warning. However, this is something that I strongly believe will be helpful, and if not to you, to a relative or a friend. I know now beyond any doubt that there is an afterlife for our spirits, and that we must prepare for this. The consequences of not preparing are terrible; our spirit will live forever in eternal hell. OUR REAL SELF IS OUR SPIRIT. Our earthly body is its temporary house. Our spirit lives forever. In Heaven we will have renewed bodies.

No matter what we have done or experienced in our past life, all of us can live forever with Jesus Christ in Heaven. We must take an easy step, but a vital one – confess our sins (everyone on earth is a sinner if only because they value something more than a relationship with God), ask for forgiveness, and receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior. If you have already taken this step, I rejoice with you, but perhaps you will pass this or a similar message on to someone else.

The Bible makes it abundantly clear that the only way we will ever see our Heavenly Father or be in Heaven is through belief in Jesus Christ. He is the way and the only way. Living a good life will not, without Jesus, get us there! I have found the way, but I am only a humble servant, no better than anyone else. All of us commit sins every day no matter how hard we try to live a good life. Jesus forgives all our sins if we ask and will continue to forgive our transgressions if we confess and ask for forgiveness.

When I finally accepted Jesus in February 2004 as my Lord and Savior and believed that he died for our sins, I found my life gradually becoming more fulfilling. Many of the earthly things that I cherished in the past are no longer important. What is important is the love for God and for each other. God is love, and nothing else compares with this.

I found my faith after reading the book “Heaven Is So Real”, by Choo Thomas. Every day, faith becomes more meaningful as I read the Bible and other inspirational writings, and try to share this faith. Yes I still enjoy many other things and enjoy life to the fullest, but my faith overshadows all else. Prayer has brought so many wonderful things that I feel “undressed” without it. The Holy Spirit lives in me and gives continual guidance when I listen. Everyone can have this same experience if they ask.

If you know someone who hasn’t taken this vital step, I urge you to put your arms around them and tell them to take it. Take the thought to everyone you love, and that should be each and every person who crosses your path in life. We are all equal under God, all brothers and sisters in faith. Don’t wait to take the step yourself if you haven’t, nor to share the message with others. No one can know when their life might end without warning!

My careful study of the Bible plus information from other biblical-based sources, leads me to only one conclusion. We are in what some call “end times”. This means that our world will soon be partially destroyed by a dramatic series of events, and later rebuilt.

Here is what is going to happen. Only God knows the exact time, but it will happen. While planning to continue my life in the fullest, I also am sure that it will be much shorter than I had planned or imagined. Christ’s coming to call his followers to Heaven, predicted at least 2000 years before Jesus was born, is very near. I believe it could happen in 2007, but of course I really don’t know. Information about Jesus’ coming is in John 3:16, Mathew 24:21-22, Romans 10:9, 1 Thessalonians 4:16, Luke 16:19-31, etc.

The coming of Christ will be a wonderful event for the millions of believers in Jesus. They will be taken up to Heaven along with their young children. For the rest of humanity, it will be the beginning of a hell on earth. Those who remain will be presented with the choice of worshiping Jesus, or worshiping Satan. The latter will be the easy choice, but a horrible choice that no one should make.

The world will then go through seven years of the “Tribulation” described in the book of Revelation in the Bible as follows: During the first 42 months after Christ comes and takes to Heaven those who have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, the Antichrist will come to power, will consolidate his power and cause peace to reign throughout the earth. Then great world catastrophes will lead many people to recognize that the judgment of God is taking place. In two separate happenings, half of the world’s population, probably many of the evil of the world, will be killed in cataclysmic events like nothing the world has ever seen. There will be earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes and other disasters described in the Bible. A sample of this may have occurred already. This will be a time of great persecution for the people who have delayed until then to accept Jesus as their savior.

At that time the Antichrist will be killed. Next, Satan will resurrect and take over the body of the Antichrist. All humanity will be required to worship him or his image. He will deceive people into believing that he, Satan, is God though miraculous happenings. Those who accept this will have the mark of Satan (666) either on their right hand or forehead (Revelation 13: 16-17). Those without this mark will not be allowed to buy or sell anything. Thus there will be monumental hardship for those people. Those who have pledged to Christ will have the mark of the Lord on them and will be mercilessly persecuted and tortured. Unless they give in to Satan, they will be killed. Satan’s plan is to drive as many as possible to worship him. So the easy way out will be to go along with Satan. Those who accept him will be doomed to be forever in hell. For doomed persons, it will be an eternity of torture and fire with no way out.

No one should choose to go through Tribulation. The choice is yours to make. The only way to avoid this is to become a follower of Jesus Christ, ask for His forgiveness of your sins, and then worship Jesus as your Lord and Savior. This is easy and has many great present day benefits.

To gain information on what is going to happen during Tribulation, read the last book of the Bible, “Revelations”. Especially note the passages in Revelations 20:4 and 14:11. If you haven’t read this before, you may find the images strange. The book “Revelation Unveiled” by Tim LaHaye explains in great detail what the symbols and events in Revelation really mean.

Jesus will help you all the time if you ask. Having true faith gives you a wonderful warm feeling, there is nothing like it. The Bible is the Word of God. Those who don’t believe this probably haven’t read it. The Bible says you are not saved by just doing good works. You must accept and love Jesus as your savior.

There are no non-sinners and never were except Jesus. I thought I was OK by just living a good life. For salvation, we must repent our sins. Also accept that Jesus’ crucifixion and decent into Hell and resurrection was penalty for removing our sins. Unless we accept Jesus, we won’t be saved no matter how pure our life. We must worship and love Jesus and our Heavenly Father, pray often and sincerely, read the Bible, and live by the messages in the Bible! And try to do what we believe Jesus wants us to do. We should show our love to everyone, forgive even our enemies! Help the less fortunate. The door is narrow. Jesus said: “No one will see the Father except through me”. “I am the way”. Although the door is narrow, it is wide enough for all who sincerely seek the love of Jesus.
Attending church is a real help. It gives fellowship and a way to share our beliefs, and have them reinforced. Regular tithing is important, and if we give with our heart, we will gain back in some way more value than we contribute. Everything that we “own” is a gift of God for us to use while on the earth. We can’t take it with us, but we can take the rewards of giving and good deeds.

The alternative to being saved is eternal hell. Satan is in control of the earth right now to the extent that God allows. He is working continually to try to have us come to his home, hell. He is trying to break up Christian marriages and friendships. Tell him to get out of your life - in Jesus’ name. Do this whenever you don’t sense Jesus’ presence.

How do I know these things? How did I get to be a believer? I have never seen Jesus but feel his presence. I ask Him for something (non-material and non-physical) and often get immediate response.

My turning point was in reading Choo Thomas’ book “Heaven Is So Real”. I have told my story in another writing of having a vision after reading the first few chapters of this book.
The author is a present-day apostle of Jesus. Her life is totally dedicated to Jesus while still fulfilling her role as a wife, mother and grandmother. I am most fortunate to know her and we correspond and talk regularly; each time is a wonderful experience. Everything in her book was verified for me in the Bible. I find the Bible interesting, not boring at all, and with modern language. The New International Version, NIV, was researched by noted scholars using all available texts, languages and modern tools.

The time to be saved is now! We don’t know how long we will be here, months, days or hours.
We need to concentrate on eternal life for our spirit, not present day pleasures. Our mission today is to spread the Word. How else will others know Jesus if someone doesn’t tell them?

Summary on how to be saved:
Accept Jesus as our savior; love him for his sacrifices and what he has done for us.
Be sure to also show Our Father our praise, thanks and love for everything we have and are.
Repent your sins. Ask for forgiveness every day.
Show love to everyone! Forgive anyone who we think has wronged us.
Pray often and pray sincerely to Heavenly Father in Jesus’ name, for important things.
Ask Jesus for the Holy Spirit to help in our everyday life. He is extremely helpful.
Try to do what you believe Christ wants you to do.
Live an example to others and they will recognize it. Some of course will try to tear you down.
Keep Satan from influencing your life; cast him out of your life in Jesus’ name!
Associate as much as possible with people who have similar faith, but don’t ignore others. Also: Attend church and tithe. If you don’t want to attend now, take the other steps immediately and tithe somewhere. However, church attendance helps in reinforcing your faith and in gaining knowledge.

George L. Hagen: